Introducing DHTMLX Spring Link

The DHTMLX Spring Framework Link is an Open Source Java class library to integrate Javascript DHTMLX Widget with the Spring Framework. Spring is one of the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java. Spring addresses many aspects of J2EE development providing industry best practices to design and deploy high-quality, high-performance applications. DHTMLX is a JavaScript GUI Ajax widget library for building dynamic web applications, written in pure JavaScript compatible with all main browsers.The scope of the project is to create a common, community driven, open source class library to integrate the two worlds, giving the opportunity to create cutting edge applications running in the cloud and making them available on both personal computers and mobile devices.
The project main features are:
  • Make web development enjoyable, quick and easy.

  • Create a well defined separation between design and development.

  • Package docklets in .jar files as reusable software components.

  • Deploy the docklets in cloud computing environment in a Widget as a Service fashion (WaaS).

  • Support JVM languages like Java Groovy Gaelyk and JRuby.

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